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Safe Load Indicator Telescopic

Safe Load Indicator Telescopic

Safe Load Indicator For Telescopic Cranes

This Device is Used as Safety Device for Telescopic Cranes With Cable Drum for Length Sensing ,Angle Sensor

Dynamometer For Load Sensing , A2B Switch for Hook Limit Indication.

It is 7Inch TFT Based Display. Real time Parameters Like Angle, Length, Radius, Height ,Actual Load  and

Safe Working Load (SWL) is Displayed at a Glance.

Cut Off System is Provided for Safe Operation.

Product Feature

1. 7 Inch TFT With Real time Parameters

2. Easy to Set parameters

3. User Friendly

4. 24Bit ADC for Accurate Load Sensing

5. 12 Bit Adc for Length and Angle Measurement

6. 12v/24V DC operated

7. Plug and Play Connections In turn Easy To Install

8. Up to 500 Load Chart can Be programmed.

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